“Every symptom is a message.

Our symptoms are our allies.

Our illnesses are a call from self to move back into balance, nourishment, and abundance.

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth.

Is your body speaking to you?

Are you listening?”

This course is for:

If you are experiencing breast pain, fibrocystic breasts, breast cysts, breast tumors, breast surgery recovery (including double mastectomy), or other breast imbalance, this course is for you. These imbalances are not "normal" and are a call from your beautiful, divinely intelligent body to bring nourishment and healing back into your life.

We will learn step by step how to heal breast imbalance naturally including food as medicine, herbs, breast massage, structural healing and emotional healing.

This course is for women who desire to bring deeper healing to their own lives, and to the lives of their clients, patients, families, and communities.

We welcome you to join if you are healing your own breasts AND if you are a practitioner working with others to support healing breast imbalance!

In this course we will learn:

Unit 1: What foods to enjoy for healing breasts and breast health

​Unit 2: How to prepare the body to receive healing and nourishment

Unit 3: Healing the nervous system and moving into an environment of support and nourishment

Unit 4: Breast Massage techniques and protocols

Unit 5: Practices to find and address emotional causes 

Unit 6: Ways to heal breasts through moving and transmuting energy

Unit 7: Herbs to support breast health and how to use them

Unit 8: How rest and self nourishment allow us to heal our breasts (and whole selves!)​. How to heal from the feminine without overwhelm and exhaustion

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Spiritually, physically, and emotionally breast massage is a beautiful practice that can soothe and encourage the body to heal. In our online course, we’re going to learn more about how to pair physical practices with plant medicine.

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What you Will Receive!

  • 8 videos covering the protocols, herbs, and journey for healing your breasts naturally ($360 Value)
  • 8 Heart and chest opening yin yoga sessions ($144 Value)
  • 2 additional recorded healing sessions ($72 Value)
  • Deep Healing Yin Yoga for Breast Health
  • Tapping & Breathwork for Breast Healing
  • 37 Page Workbook that compliments your healing journey
  • Menu plans ($90 value)
  • Medicinal broth making course and recipe book ($36 value)

*Note: To get the most of this course, we recommend pairing it with our Love Your Breasts Healing Box. The box includes our Breast Love Oil, Pour Your Heart Out Tea, and our Adrenal Love Essential Oil Blend ($102 value)

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Price: $448

Payment Plans will be available for 2 and 3 month options.

“In the summer of 2021, after an extended period of trauma and exhaustion, I developed a cyst in my left breast. After being told that cysts just “happen” and it would go away on its own eventually, I became really curious about the root causes of cysts and how to heal them naturally. After a little google searching, I found Mitten’s post “how I healed my breast cysts naturally”. I knew immediately that her explanation of breast cysts and how to heal them was completely accurate. I also knew immediately that I wanted to work with Mitten to help me heal not only on my breast cyst but also the trauma I’d experienced (as they were connected!). It’s been a little over a year since I’ve started working with Mitten, and the physical and emotional healing I’ve experienced is nothing short of miraculous to me. On the protocol she recommended, my cyst completely disappeared and I’ve been catapulted on a journey of wellness that has changed my life. I honestly consider my breast cyst and the path it took me to working with Mitten one of the most important things that has ever happened to me. For anyone who is ready to receive deep healing, I can’t think of a better guide and facilitator than Mitten.” 

-Blaney, Mama of 4 & A Medicine Woman

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